December 15, 2009

Home Office

Ahh so pretty and girlie!

As I've already stated before, fresh flowers and bright colors help you stay focused while working in your very own home office.
This home office looks very pretty and I just luuuv that Kartell Louis Ghost chair.

December 14, 2009

Let the Light In

Let the light in and choose white for your living room!

Marimekko Slipcovers

Finnish Marimekko is known for the bold prints and designs. I think Unikko is way too overused, but there are lots of cool not so well known prints that I simply love, for example Tuuli, Keisarinna, Kaiku, Praliini, Lumimarja and Fandango.

If you have some IKEA furniture you'd like to give a new look, dress them up in Marimekko slipcovers! I like IKEA's Klippan sofa, if I had one in my own apartment I would dress it up in Pienet Kivet fabric, which is the one with black dots all over a white background.

Shown here: Praliini, Kirsikka, Pienet Kivet, Fandango and Unikko.

Joonas slipcover and Tuuli wallhanging. I like the graphic look, but I would have added some color to this room.

Fandango and Praliini. I like both of these fabrics.

Marimekko slipcover line is available online at and the furniture featured here is available at


Turquoise for your home office. Bright colors and fresh flowers look cheerful and help you stay focused!

This idea would have worked much better if there weren't any neighbours staring into your home from across the street, LOL! 3 large mirrors would have worked just as fine against an off-white or a turquoise background.

Black, white and a touch of turquoise. I love the wooden floors and the Marimekko Tuuli wallhanging! Looks nice and fresh.

Turquoise with some black & white. I would ditched the reddish brown bench, it just doesn't fit in there and replaced the hot pink armchairs with clean white ones.

Grey and some bright turquoise as accent color!
Turquoise textiles bring color to this grey and white bedroom.

I guess this is a hotel room, anyway I like the turquoise wall and the simple black and white furniture. Looks very fresh and the colors makes the room look bigger than it actually is.

This is a great example of how NOT to do it. There's too much of everything, different styles of furniture, different prints and silver and gold mixed together... I think this one looks very restless and almost psychedelic. However, a simplified version would have looked fine!

Alf Da Fre

Living room ideas from Alf Da Fre.
Inspiration for those of you who are into modern style!

I really like these colors, some dusty light blue, brown and off-whites, gorgeous! This living room looks very calm and peaceful and the sofa looks very cozy.

Grey, white and a touch of yellow. Fresh!

I'm not a huge fan of petroleum blue, but the coffee table looks interesting to me!

Beige, off-white and some wooden details. Looks cool!

December 2, 2009

Sunny Livingroom

Touch of a bright color like yellow can look great!

Gray Bedrooms

A bit more subbdued colors are perfect for bedrooms.
A gray bedroom for example can be very relaxing and calm to look at and gray is also a great backdrop for accent colors like turquoise, pink or purple!

I really like this bedroom designed by Casa Forma. The different shades of gray look beautiful and very peaceful. I would have chosen a different kind of a lamp though, for example the Cellula chandelier. In general - I think this really works!

Another gray bedroom, fresh and beautiful! I would have removed the weird green plant and added some curtains to the windows...

Dark gray à la Calvin Klein.

The artwork above the headboard is a bit too much, I think this room would have looked much better without it.

November 17, 2009

Pretty peach hues

Peach can make your home look fabulous... Let's take a look at these 3 rooms I picked this time.

This room is a little over the top, but I think a more simplified version of this room would be juuuust fine!

I really like this bed! However, I would have picked 2 similar bed side tables for this room and 2 mirrors or paintings in very similar colors above them. That would have brought some harmony to this room and make it look and feel bigger.

Symmetry makes any room appear larger than it actually is, so if you have a very small living room or a bedroom, try the symmetry trick. Mirrors and pastel colors like peach also create an illusion of a much bigger space..

November 12, 2009

Fresh Pink

Bright pink against white or black gives a fresh impression and it can look gorgeous! It can also be done wrong and that looks just cheap, so beware. There IS such a thing as too much pink, so focus on right portions of each color, less is more.

This is SO girly, a pink room with a black chandelier! Maybe something for a vanity area or a walk-in-closet?

I don't really like the furry rugs I think they look horrible and cheap, but I like the atmosphere, mirror surfaces, some silver and black and a touch of fresh fuchsia.

You can also bring the color to your bedroom with new textiles. Maybe a couple of colorful silk cushions could work..?

...or get a bunch of fresh pink flowers to an otherwise white and simple room. Instant glam and freshness!

November 9, 2009

Talk about creative...

A dress shaped heardboard!

Maybe something for young girls or women who aren't married or why not for married couples as well if the hubby is OK with the idea of decorating the bedroom this way.

November 4, 2009

Horchow Vanity Stools

I've been looking for a new vanity stool for my own little vanity area.
Here are some styles I like by Horchow. They're all very romantic and remind me of Marie Antoinette. I hope you like them!

Beautiful fabric!

Mirrored vanity seat. Very beautiful and romantic, but I think the seat should be a little bit smaller.

So girly and cute!

Simple but beautiful - I like the creamy color.
This one's my favorite.

Pretty, isn't it?
My vanity area isn't light blue, but if this was off-white or powder pink I would definitely buy it.
I like the shape and I like the fabric, but I can't stand those pearls.

Peach damask with a skirt.

October 28, 2009

Dining rooms

OK let's be honest, my own dining area doesn't look this nice, it's kind of like under construction, far away from "nice". I have a wooden table I like, but I don't like the chairs and the lamp, well the lamp is just hideous!
I've been thinking about making the dining area look a bit more modern by replacing the wooden chairs with plastic ones, Kartell Victoria Ghost chairs or some cheaper ones by IKEA and buying a new lamp or a crystal chandelier!

Here are some inspirational dining rooms. Enjoy!

Max Azria home

I've posted this one already, but I just loooooooove those cool chandeliers.

I think this one looks cozy.

Black & white.

White with Ghost chairs.
There's just something about the all-white look...

Not a big fan of round tables, but I like the colors here.

Modern dining room.
I like the mirror surfaces and that long black table.