October 28, 2009

Dining rooms

OK let's be honest, my own dining area doesn't look this nice, it's kind of like under construction, far away from "nice". I have a wooden table I like, but I don't like the chairs and the lamp, well the lamp is just hideous!
I've been thinking about making the dining area look a bit more modern by replacing the wooden chairs with plastic ones, Kartell Victoria Ghost chairs or some cheaper ones by IKEA and buying a new lamp or a crystal chandelier!

Here are some inspirational dining rooms. Enjoy!

Max Azria home

I've posted this one already, but I just loooooooove those cool chandeliers.

I think this one looks cozy.

Black & white.

White with Ghost chairs.
There's just something about the all-white look...

Not a big fan of round tables, but I like the colors here.

Modern dining room.
I like the mirror surfaces and that long black table.

October 23, 2009


Glamorous Interiors goes Glamorous Exteriors!
I love this patio, I think it's very beautiful and glamorous.

The white sofa with those silk cushions looks very welcoming, how about some spicy tea in the moonlight with someone special...?
Daytime would be perfect for some sunbathing and swimming.

October 12, 2009

Beautiful living rooms

Some beautiful living rooms for inspiration.

If there's one word I can think of it's harmony.
I like the neutral shades of brown, looks very calm.

This one is very feminine, cold pink, black and white.

Ivory white with a touch of gold and leopard print.

White, green and turquoise looks fresh!


If you don't like the store's own paper or plastic packages for cooking ingredients, get some porcelain, glass or plastic canisters for sugar, coffee, tea or pasta.
Looks way better, keeps your kitchen clean and those are a lot more practical, too.
There are various styles to choose from, pick the one that suits your style and your kitchen!
Something for everyone.

1. Porcelain with rhinestones.
2. Silver & Bronze, I like these.

3. Glass canisters on a tray.
4. Classic white canisters.

5. French style canisters.
6. Hangbag shaped cookie jars for every fashionista's kitchen.

Images: The Horchow Collection

A modern wooden villa

This modern wooden house, Villa Isabella is located in Hanko, Finland.
I think this house is very unique. Not my style exactly, but its integration into the landscape seems very successfull to me. I think the house looks great in the middle of the untouched nature with birches, rocks and earth.

Can you imagine this in winter? In the middle of snow, ice and trees without leaves.

I like the wall built of rocks, it looks rough, but beautiful.

Design: Brazil Arquiteture
Architecture Team: Ville Niiranen and Mikko Kääriäinen
Construction Year: 2007

Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs at home are something that I'd say 50 percent of us loves them and the other 50 hates.
I think they look cool when mixed and matched the right way, if the style of the room is modern it can look great. For best result, add some alumine, crystal, glass and mirror elements to the room.

Barbie Cafe in Shanghai.
I LOVE the plastic chairs here, SO cool!

Kartell Louis Ghost dining set.

Poly Chair, design Karim Rashid
I like the black one.

Another favorite, Kartell Victoria Ghost chair.
I would love to have these around my dining table at home, crystal clear or shiny black.

October 10, 2009

Peachy Bedrooms

Peach & gold look very feminine and exclusive together and of course, beautiful! These colors could also work for a vanity area or a walk-in-closet.

This must be my favorite! The colors match perfectly and I just love that mirror bed.

This one is a little over the top I guess. I think it would look better with a more simple headbord and mirror.

Paris Hilton's bedroom.
The mirror bed again! I like all the mirror surfaces in this room.

October 7, 2009


These are my favorite crystal chandeliers from The Horchow Collection. I hope you like my choices!

I like this cube shaped one, it's modern and I think the design is very interesting.

This one with mirror pieces also looks cool!
I think it's a little "different" if you know what I mean..

I luuuuv this one!

And a classic one..

Black will always be in fashion!

Images: The Horchow Collection

Light blue & Chocolatey Bedrooms

Some beautiful, light blue and chocolate brown colored bedrooms.

I like this Venetian style dressing table and the crystal ball table lamps. Pentik sells these lamps for 50 euros each.

This one is very classy! The dark leather headbord and those chrome ball lamps look great. Also these lamps are available at Pentik.

I think the framed pictures above the bed are a bit too much, but I like the silk cushions and the dark brown curtains.

This Zara Home bed looks very tempting.
There's just something about having a huge pile of pillows and cushions on a bed, it kind of like says jump in!

Cool light blues.

Cellula Chandelier

Cellula chandelier would look amazing in a dining room, living room, bedroom or pretty much any room. It adds a sophisticated look to the space.
This kind of a chandelier also works for smaller space, due to it's lightweight design. Some crystal chandeliers are way too masculine and heavy to fit in a small space, but the Cellula style works.

Classic Living Room

A classic living room with a beautiful fireplace. I like the clean lines and simplicity here.
The neutral color scheme with shades of espresso brown, charcoal and ivory make this room look very calm.

The fireplace makes the room cozy.

I like the taupe colored walls, looks way better than just plain white, without being too bright or colorful. The dark floors also look very beautiful.
I'm not such a huge fan of zebra print, but I think it works here.

Klippan Sofa

Looking for a sofa?
Well, here's my suggestion for those on a tight budget.

The Klippan sofa is one of IKEA's most popular products. Like many other IKEA products, the design of Klippan is very timeless and also, reasonably priced! The fabric ones only cost 199-299 euros and the leather ones 499 euros.

I would like to have two of these sofas, across each other with a ottoman or a coffee table between them...
My favorite one is the black leather sofa because it's very timeless and it suits both classic and modern style.
I also like the new white faux leather one. I like the shiny finish, I think it would look great in a modern style living room with crystal chandeliers and mirrors.
Images: IKEA

October 6, 2009


The Aalto Vase (also known as Savoy Vase) created by Finnish designer Alvar Aalto in the 1930's is one of my favorite design items of all time.

I love the wavy outline, it's a timeless design and pleasing to the eye. The simplicity of the vase continues to be popular even today in the 21st century, it's a classic!
Nowadays The Aalto Vase is available in various colors and sizes.

Black & White

The Black and White style is perfect for someone who's into modern interior design, for someone who loves elegance and style.
This style looks great with either classic or modern minimalistic furniture, with antique details maybe, hints of sparkle from crystals, chandeliers and shiny mirror, glass and metal surface add some glamour to this style.

A modern dining room.

Living room / lounge space.
Check out IKEA if you're on a tight budget, IKEA has lots of stuff like this but for waaaay cheaper.

Another dining room.
I love those crystal lamps above the dining table, I think they're gorgeous!

Modern style country home.
I like the oversized mirror. It definitely makes this space look bigger.

This is The Barbie Cafe in Shanghai.
I posted this picture because of the plastic chairs. I think those are waaaaaaay cool.

A black and white bedroom.