October 6, 2009

Antique Mirrors

I'm a sucker for antique mirrors or just antique style mirrors. I have 3 of them in my own apartment - a huge silver one in my bedroom, a golden one in my dining room and a white one in my "boudoir" space. I like to mix traditional antique mirrors with modern style furniture and I think it looks very good and glamorous.

Antique mirrors give instant glam for the space and also make the space look bigger.

Scroll down for some pictures of antique and antique style mirrors.

This is a good example of the color - if you choose gold, pick a color that looks a little old. Avoid everything that's too yellowish, because it often looks fake.

Here's another great color for an antique or antique style mirror. I also like the style of this simple frame.

This is another style I like, very simple.

Round ones look good, too.

A wall mirror in living room.
I like the color of the mirror and the colors in the room, but the style of this mirror is a bit "too much" for me.

How about an antique mirror in your bathroom?
I like this style, because it reminds me of hotels and staying at a hotel reminds me of not having to do any household work so I find it very relaxing.

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  1. i look in second-hand trades to find one not too expensive since... I don't remimbered!
    More like the pic 2 or 3.