October 28, 2009

Dining rooms

OK let's be honest, my own dining area doesn't look this nice, it's kind of like under construction, far away from "nice". I have a wooden table I like, but I don't like the chairs and the lamp, well the lamp is just hideous!
I've been thinking about making the dining area look a bit more modern by replacing the wooden chairs with plastic ones, Kartell Victoria Ghost chairs or some cheaper ones by IKEA and buying a new lamp or a crystal chandelier!

Here are some inspirational dining rooms. Enjoy!

Max Azria home

I've posted this one already, but I just loooooooove those cool chandeliers.

I think this one looks cozy.

Black & white.

White with Ghost chairs.
There's just something about the all-white look...

Not a big fan of round tables, but I like the colors here.

Modern dining room.
I like the mirror surfaces and that long black table.


  1. Beautiful but, to me, it miss life, it's a bit too cold, i don't know if you understand what i mean lol!

  2. Aïsha: Yeah I got it. I also think that these modern style dining rooms aren't so cozy, but they look fab! :) You can always add your "personal touch" to the space and make it look more warm, cozy and simply - you :)

  3. Love the table and lighting....its gorgous!