October 6, 2009

Glamorous Interiors

I love everything about interior design and home decor, so I decided to open yet another blog - Glamorous Interiors!

How many hours do we spend at home every single day? How many years during our entire lifetime?
Why not enjoy this time spent at home and make our homes beautiful, cozy and luxurious?


  1. good idea for a blog! i love decorating, but I'm on a student budget... which means I need it all to be cheap and simple. can you do a post with suggestions?

  2. Oh, congratulations! You have caught me in the middle of a shopping spree aimed at finally getting proper bed and bath linens, as well as acquiring material for my new wardrobe! So the timing is great too :)

  3. Chloe Inga Designs: Sure! I'll try to do posts that suit all kinds of budgets, big or small - and I'm going to be posting lots of pictures on this blog, just for inspiration. Then everyone can copy the trends, ideas, color schemes and themes they like, no matter what kind of a budget they're on.

    Caraboska: Great :) Stay tuned then!

  4. congratulations for the new blog, sis! :) really great idea, i'm sure it will be useful and inspiring for many.. and judging from the interior of the blog itself this should be interesting ;)

  5. LOVE your site :) ... inspired me in SOO many ways !!
    your awesome ! xo