October 7, 2009

Light blue & Chocolatey Bedrooms

Some beautiful, light blue and chocolate brown colored bedrooms.

I like this Venetian style dressing table and the crystal ball table lamps. Pentik sells these lamps for 50 euros each.

This one is very classy! The dark leather headbord and those chrome ball lamps look great. Also these lamps are available at Pentik.

I think the framed pictures above the bed are a bit too much, but I like the silk cushions and the dark brown curtains.

This Zara Home bed looks very tempting.
There's just something about having a huge pile of pillows and cushions on a bed, it kind of like says jump in!

Cool light blues.


  1. I can't believe this. You're doing bedrooms, I just went shopping on E-bay and bought new bedspreads. I might use some of the material to make clothing, but the rest... It's all Indian stuff - silk, brocade, velvet. And bright, cheery cotton percale for summer. And huge pashmina bedspreads for a third the price of where you'd get them elsewhere. And you can get it VERY cheaply if you go to the right store... MISTRONIC on E-bay. They have a UK store too - slightly different name, slightly different assortment. And if you want sari curtains, I think you can probably get that there too. Saris are great. You can get beautiful silk ones with gorgeous patterns for all of 5 USD or less apiece. From India. Richness, luxury is in the mind. It starts with having great ideas. You can be rich and not have a lot of money. I know, because I've done it. On unemployment, no less. And for me, the foundation for all that is to above all trust not in material things, but in God.

  2. Are you by chance in Jupiter, Florida? I saw "Jupiter Images" on one of your Photos.

    I'm Leslie Middleton. I love the way I've decorated my home, fun, glamorous, cool/bright.

    I am overhauling our bedroom... Thinking spa...blue, green but coming up empty.

    Are you available?

  3. Caraboska: Sounds cool! It seems to me that you can create pretty much anything out of those saris, LOL! :D Abayas, curtains... What's next?

    Anonymous: No, sorry. I found that photo via Google. I'm located in Finland, not Florida :)

    I like the spa idea, I think blues and greens would look very nice in a bedroom.