October 6, 2009

Luxurious Living

Luxury doesn't always equal expensive and when I mention luxurious living I'm not talking about luxury hotel suites or luxury penthouses but something else...
So, what is luxurious living?
For me it means beauty, functionality, simplicity and harmony.

I'm an aesthete and I love everything beautiful. I want to be surrounded by beauty all the time, so I want my home to be beautiful to look at and pleasing to the eye.

I also want my home to be functional and simple. I don't want my home to be full of useless stuff that only gets in my way. Too much furniture or too big furniture in a small space can also get it all wrong.. Or lack of good organization.

Another important thing is definitely harmony. I like to mix different styles and colors even - but there has to be some kind of a harmony of styles, colors and lighting.


  1. i ran over here to be the first stalker but someone had me beat. :(

  2. My thoughts exactly!
    I'd like to suggest - could you include some sketches and pictures to accompany your post? It would be more interesting.

    I'll look forward for more updates.

  3. Tuttie: Heh! Well, thanks for joining anyways Sis :)

    Kakchik: I'll be posting lots of pictures on this blog - just for inspiration.
    Then everyone can kind of like copy the trends, ideas, colors and themes they like and make it suit their own style or budget...
    But yeah, stay tuned! :)