October 6, 2009

White Rooms

I've always liked completely white interiors, especially for bedrooms or boudoirs.
Crystals, chandeliers, silver antique mirrors and Venetian mirrors suit this style perfectly.

This bedroom looks very feminine and calm. I think it's very peaceful and beautiful to look at. I really like the crystal details.

Lounge - wouldn't you just love to read a good book here?

NOTE: This style isn't very suitable for families with children who like to play with colorful markers or for people who like to wear dark denim at home. White sofas and denim (or markers) are a big NO NO.


  1. I love white, my sofa is white! And i think it was not a really good idea because i want to have children InchaAllah lol children are enemy of white sofa.

  2. love it! love it! but maybe i'll add a little bit of red or green here and there.
    white makes the room looks spacious and calm.