November 4, 2009

Horchow Vanity Stools

I've been looking for a new vanity stool for my own little vanity area.
Here are some styles I like by Horchow. They're all very romantic and remind me of Marie Antoinette. I hope you like them!

Beautiful fabric!

Mirrored vanity seat. Very beautiful and romantic, but I think the seat should be a little bit smaller.

So girly and cute!

Simple but beautiful - I like the creamy color.
This one's my favorite.

Pretty, isn't it?
My vanity area isn't light blue, but if this was off-white or powder pink I would definitely buy it.
I like the shape and I like the fabric, but I can't stand those pearls.

Peach damask with a skirt.


  1. These remind me of a pattern or two that I have. I could even make some of these myself insha'Allah!

  2. Caraboska: Great idea!
    I guess I could also make some of these myself, perhaps that could be my next DIY project.. :)

  3. Butterick 4566 might be a good place to start. I got it on E-bay :)