December 2, 2009

Gray Bedrooms

A bit more subbdued colors are perfect for bedrooms.
A gray bedroom for example can be very relaxing and calm to look at and gray is also a great backdrop for accent colors like turquoise, pink or purple!

I really like this bedroom designed by Casa Forma. The different shades of gray look beautiful and very peaceful. I would have chosen a different kind of a lamp though, for example the Cellula chandelier. In general - I think this really works!

Another gray bedroom, fresh and beautiful! I would have removed the weird green plant and added some curtains to the windows...

Dark gray à la Calvin Klein.

The artwork above the headboard is a bit too much, I think this room would have looked much better without it.


  1. Never liked gray much but this looks nice!

  2. The 3rd picture is just so beautiful. Who knew grey could be so great?

  3. Love all the shades of grey....cant pick any of them above the other:)

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  5. I adore your blog about Glamorous Interiors
    all the pictures used are fantastic and inspiring
    I have used the blog gray bedrooms to inspire me while redecorating my room...Masha allah keep up the good work ;)