December 14, 2009

Marimekko Slipcovers

Finnish Marimekko is known for the bold prints and designs. I think Unikko is way too overused, but there are lots of cool not so well known prints that I simply love, for example Tuuli, Keisarinna, Kaiku, Praliini, Lumimarja and Fandango.

If you have some IKEA furniture you'd like to give a new look, dress them up in Marimekko slipcovers! I like IKEA's Klippan sofa, if I had one in my own apartment I would dress it up in Pienet Kivet fabric, which is the one with black dots all over a white background.

Shown here: Praliini, Kirsikka, Pienet Kivet, Fandango and Unikko.

Joonas slipcover and Tuuli wallhanging. I like the graphic look, but I would have added some color to this room.

Fandango and Praliini. I like both of these fabrics.

Marimekko slipcover line is available online at and the furniture featured here is available at

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