January 31, 2010

Purple Bedrooms

Interior design ideas for purple lovers.

I like the cool chandelier! The color of the purple accent wall is very pretty, I like this idea but I would have simplified it a lot. I think this is like purple overload, way too much purple. I would have used more white and light gray to highlight this beautiful shade of purple and also, I wouldn't have painted the white stripes on the purple wall, they're a bit too much since there are already pictures hanging above the bed.

Is it pink or is it purple? This bedroom looks very pretty and feminine, I like the contrast of the completely white walls and dark wooden furniture.

Dark purple backed up with gold and burgundy.

I really like the design of this bed! I don't like the curtains and the wallpaper, but the bed and the textiles look very pretty.

I like these colors, the graphic wallpaper and the crystal chandelier. Cool idea but what's the purpose of that pink towel on the bed?

January 22, 2010


If you're lucky enough to have a walk-in-closet in your home, why not to make the best out of it and make it look beautiful as well?

This is my idea of a nice walk-in-closet design, but you have a wide range of design options for your very own walk-in-closet. If you're a girlie girl go for the princess style with chandeliers, antique mirrors, pastel colors like pink and lilac and if you're into modern design, go for clean lines and simplicity...

This one must be my own favorite! I like the fact that even though this is just a walk-in-closet, everything can be hidden in the closets and drawers. I also like the crystal chandeliers and the design of the closets... And needless to say, I would get rid of the mannequin. I think it's kinda creepy!


4 different walk-in-closets.

Kind of like an old library but dedicated to shoes!

Pretty and pink!

Mirrors and crystal chandeliers, I really like this one!

Another fabulous closet for shoes.

Pink & lilac...

Floral wallpaper makes this closet look fresh!

Black Ice

Classic contemporary design by Lexington in black, gray and white. I'm into modern style myself but I have to admit that I really like some of these!

I like the rug, it looks very cozy and I really like having fresh flowers at home, especially white flowers because they look very peaceful and fresh.

I like the way the daylight enters these 2 living rooms.

Contrasts - the design of this space is very graphic and cold, but the rug makes the room feel more cozy.

All images: Lexington

January 21, 2010

H&M home

Check out H&M home collection for some reasonably priced textiles for your kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Great for those of you on a tight budget!

Available online at HM.com

January 18, 2010


I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy looking for a new apartment and unfortunately I still haven't found any good ones, therefore lack of posts and inspiration. Anyway, I wanted to post some pictures of these beautiful bedrooms!

I like this style, it's so ordinary and simple but with cool details.

Laura Ashley.

The dusty brown color looks SO cool! This one must be my favorite out of these 3 bedrooms.