January 31, 2010

Purple Bedrooms

Interior design ideas for purple lovers.

I like the cool chandelier! The color of the purple accent wall is very pretty, I like this idea but I would have simplified it a lot. I think this is like purple overload, way too much purple. I would have used more white and light gray to highlight this beautiful shade of purple and also, I wouldn't have painted the white stripes on the purple wall, they're a bit too much since there are already pictures hanging above the bed.

Is it pink or is it purple? This bedroom looks very pretty and feminine, I like the contrast of the completely white walls and dark wooden furniture.

Dark purple backed up with gold and burgundy.

I really like the design of this bed! I don't like the curtains and the wallpaper, but the bed and the textiles look very pretty.

I like these colors, the graphic wallpaper and the crystal chandelier. Cool idea but what's the purpose of that pink towel on the bed?


  1. lol for the pink towel :))
    i looooove purple! my fav would have to be bedroom no.1 and the bed in no.5

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