March 29, 2010

Modern meets Old

I found these pictures as I was searching for an apartment to rent (no, I didn't rent this one) and I think this living room looks SO cool! I actually like the beautiful ceilings and the "modern meets old" feeling you can sense here.

I think the modern style furniture and the black leather sofas make this living room seem a lot more down to earth. It's not over the top at all and it's still very harmonious and beautiful.

March 24, 2010


Found these beautiful pictures on my laptop and I wanted to post them here for inspiration. I hope you like them!

The 1st one is my favorite.. Who wouldn't want a vanity area like this? And with your very own jacuzzi!

The sofa looks cute with those heart shaped pink cushions... I think the rest of the room is a bit too plain for furniture like this, but I still like the sofa and the chandelier.

A more simplified version of the 1st room - with a simple bath tub and wooden floors.

March 12, 2010

H&M Home Textiles

H&M Home you did it again! I'm impressed.
Lots of girly stuff for the spring home...

Just how beautiful is this? I really like the baby pink tulle cushion and the pink cushion with roses, both of them are so feminine.

Fresh pink and white ruffles.

Polka dots! I've always been into polka dots, I think this bed looks sweet & delicious like candy.

A pink heart shaped cushion! How cute is that?
I also like the white curtain with ruffles...

A vanity area, ummm by the pool?? Well, I like it!
I think the towels with pictures of make up and perfume bottles look so fun and girly!

Available online at

March 11, 2010

Romantic bedrooms

Beautiful and feminine... What more could a girl ask for?